Loeng: sissevaade Läti kaasaegsesse fotoraamatusse

Telliskivi Loomelinnak

Telliskivi 60a


Loeng toimub inglise keeles.


While worldwide the photobook has became one of the primary forms for artists to present their work and to increasingly think in sequences and narratives, in Latvia for many years a photography book meant only a massive artist’s monograph or an exhibition catalogue. However, recently the scene has been stirred by young photographers and graduates from photography departments abroad who are reaching out to the international photography scene and taking the book form as a new challenge for examining their ideas.


The talk by artist and curator Evita Goze will look at recent examples of Latvian photobooks and present “Self Publish Riga”, an event dedicated to photobooks, which is part of Riga Photomonth and includes international call for book dummies, book exhibitions, as well as book-making workshops, presentations and artist talks.



Lisa Kalendrisse