Time Lapse

Tallinn Art Hall

Vabaduse Väljak 8


Artists: Talia Chetrit (US), David Claerbout (BE), Daniel Gustav Cramer (DE), Moyra Davey (CA), Haris Epaminonda (CY/DE), Alicja Kwade (PL/DE), Maanantai Collective (FI), Jüri Okas (EE), Ats Parve (EE/DE), and Agnieszka Polska (PL/NL)


With the help of internationally recognised artists, curator Anna Laarits takes a look at the medium of photography and at how the reality that photography depicts questions the notion of time.


The exhibition focuses on how photography impacts our perception of time through the connections and contradictions between the experience of its fluidity and momentary interruptions to the passage of time. A photograph could give importance to small increments of time we might not always be aware of.


Time lapse is a photographic technique where an image is captured at a frame rate much lower than that used to view a sequence. The result is a sequence of images where time is accelerated since most of it has been cut out. Photography could capture an instant in time we might not perceive as meaningful otherwise.


Many of the works in the exhibition are clearly conceptual, and through their aesthetics, allude to the 1970s, when photography was publicly acknowledged as a conceptual art form. “Today, contemporary art is in a post-medium condition – the boundaries between different media have become blurred and it is impossible to divide works of art into distinct categories such as photography, video, or sculpture,” explains Kristel Raesaar, the Artistic Director of Tallinn Photomonth. “The exhibition articulates photography primarily as a conceptual art form that assumes the medium itself as its subject.”



Exhibition design is by Dénes Farkas, and graphic design by Jaan Evart and Viktor Gurov. Tallinn Photomonth educational programme is organized by Liis Kalmet and Darja Nikitina. Anna Laarits (b. 1984) is an art historian and freelance curator. Educated at de Appel art centre in Amsterdam.

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Talia Chetrit. Untitled (Street #1). 2015. C-print, 52.5 × 39.2 cm. © the artist Courtesy of the artist and Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf; kaufmann repetto, Milan, New York; and Leslie | Fritz, New York.