Solo exhibition “Codex Naturalis” by Peeter Laurits

Vaal Gallery

The exhibition is a part of the satellite programme of Tallinn Photomonth ’15.


The exhibition “Codex naturalis” guides us into the realm of multi-perceptional visions, which shapes the magic words “wild aesthetics”. It is a realm, in which both sides of form – consciousness and unconsciousness – are rubbing their noses together.


For forest-people, the forest itself is a model of consciousness; for water-people, it is the rivers and lakes; for cyber-peoples, it is integrated circuits and Nano-clouds. I believe that in some unknown way, the development of consciousness is connected to wild aesthetics – to natural patterns that have a direct effect on the spinal cord, causing unusual intuitions in human beings.


Peeter Laurits has enriched the tools for photographic expression and broadened the role of the photograph in the Estonian cultural space. The geographic spectrum of Laurits’ exhibitions is wide: his solo displays have been installed in London, Berlin, Moscow, Scandinavia, and South Korea. His works have been acquired by many private collections and museums.

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Peeter Laurits. Nulla dies sine linea. 2015