Saturday Academy: David Raymond Conroy

In English 


Just days before the opening of Prosu(u)mer, the central show of Tallinn Photomonth ’15, David Raymond Conroy, the curator of the exhibition will hold a performative lecture at the Kadriorg Art Museum.


Prosu(u)mer and True Art or A Fake, the current exhibition at Kadriorg, couldn’t stand further from each other: one parallels contemporary art to popular culture, the other deals with art history. However, both deal with value systems that continue to be as interesting as they are problematic: why do we aspire for originality and consider copies less desirable? Are these hierarchies as simple as it might seem?


The lecture will be followed by a conversation between David Raymond Conroy and Greta Koppel, the curator of Kadriorg Art Museum. They will discuss authenticity in art and contemporary consumer culture.
Admission to this event is free to museum ticket holders.

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