Herkki-Erich Merila’s personal exhibition „Figuring“

Haus Gallery

The main theme of the exhibition – depicting corporeality – is characterized firstly by the multitude of photographic techniques and methods used. The pinhole camera metho combined with mechanical developing techniques results in intentionally rough and expressive scenes from the „Before awakening“ series, while the gelatin silver process along with signs of wear and tear and oxidation gives portraits from the „Hebird“ series an aristocratic and magical feel. The black and white aesthetic created using these methods is contrasted by DeStudio’s collages with surreal undertones.


On the other hand, the aforementioned techniques are accompanied by substantial variations of depicting corporeality. The subject-matter of the works includes both private half-accidental moments in the bedroom as well as theatrically staged metaphors, where details and decorations become more important than space and dynamics. Anatomical (deviation) studies in turn introduces a deconstructive and deformative dimension – putting dismantled pieces back together incorrectly. Whether it is an accidentally captured moment, a deliberate staging or an arbitrary composition, it results in a sublime effect that turns nudity into a symbol for ambivalence and human vulnerability.

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Herkki-Erich Merila. Hebird. 1991