Daniel Vaarik: The Ends of Facebook

NB! This event will be held in Estonian. No capacity left. 


Eight years ago I met an unsavory character in a virtual metro station. “So you want to buy a virtual dog?” he asked. “Yes, the one that speaks hyperlinks,” I said. About 600 euros converted into Linden dollars changed hands. I needed the dog for the Estonian Virtual Embassy project in the world of Second Life I was in charge for.


Back then I was a social media expert who joined every upcoming social network, including Facebook. Last December I quit Facebook. Has my life changed? Was it worth it? Should you do it? You will know by the end of the lecture.


Daniel Vaarik is a media expert. In collaboration with Tonu Pekk he will teach a lecture series “Mythologies of Finance” this October in Tallinn Technical University.

This lecture is a part of the public programme of Prosu(u)mer, the main exhibition of Tallinn Photomonth ’15.

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Estonian virtual embassy in Second Life