Temnikova & Kasela

Located in Tallinn, Estonia, Temnikova&Kasela was established in 2010 by Olga Temnikova and Indrek Kasela. Besides offering local and international representation to contemporary artists in the region, Temnikova & Kasela’s exhibition program also incorporates shows by artists from abroad. Since 2012, the gallery employs artist Alina Astrova as its programme director. At the Photographic Art Fair gallery Temnikova&Kasela is representing Krista Mölder and Sigrid Viir.


Krista Mölder quotes her interest in the relationship between a

person and a space as an important part of her work. Her melancholic photo series often highlight a distinctive absence of a subject, while presupposing an active viewer position. Mölder’s exhibitions are increasingly sight specific, taking her interest in spatial context beyond the photographs themselves.


Sigrid Viir from her position as an artist: “I draw my inspiration from everyday situations that seem of little importance at first glance; behavioural habits and functioning models for which the question ‘why’ does not even come to mind. Social agreements, moral norms and rules are the everyday ‘tools’ we use to function socially but whose use often goes unnoticed because we have identified too much with them.


Sigrid Viir. Day 11, Monday. From the series Purpose of the Universe and the Flickering Funnel. 2014. Pigment ink print, dibond, wooden frame. 21 x 30 cm. Edition: 1/3