Neandertal Cave School

Neandertali Koobaskool (Neanderthal Cave School) is a Tallinn group of artists including Viktor Gurov, Hedi Jaansoo, Kristel Raesaar and Pire Sova. The group of young artists came together in response to the stress of academia and follow a longstanding in-house tradition at the Academy of Arts of forming a group to question what they had learned. Their installation “0.15N/mm2” (2015) is a sculpture that was executed collectively by finding mutual consensus, and from which the artists’ personal interests and ambitions trickle out. Only a certain formal prototype of “normal contemporary art” is left, something that presumably all viewers will like.

Neandertal Cave School (Viktor Gurov, Hedi Jaansoo, Kristel Raesaar, Pire Sova). 0,15 N/mm2. 2015. Wood, straps, house plant in a jar, carpet, pigment ink print, foam mattress, float frame, paper. Dimensions variable. Edition: 1