Liina Siib

Liina Siib is a photography and video artist who lives and works in Tallinn. In 2011, she represented Estonia at the Venice Biennale with the project “Naine võtab vähe ruumi” (“A Woman Takes Little Space”) inspired by the gender gap issue. In her work in recent years, Siib has indeed focused above all on feminist keywords (female employment, social space representations of femininity in society etc) but on an even more general level, the artist’s sympathy lies with marginalized people. She is interested in stories that typically don’t get told or which are not considered important. For instance, the series “Kyiv, April 1987” consisted of black and white photographs taken with a Zenith camera by Siib when she was a graphic art student in the Ukrainian capital but which were not developed until 2014, when the calm touristy photos took on a haunted character on the backdrop of the hostilities in eastern Ukraine. On a number of occasions Siib has won the annual prize for art of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and in 2003 she won the Kristjan Raud Prize. She is one of the most acclaimed artists of her generation, and her works can be found in several museums, including Kumu, Tartu Art Museum and Stockholm Moderna Museet.

Liina Siib. Lido di Ostia. 2014. Pigment ink print. 53 x 35 cm. Edition: 5