Holger Kilumets

Holger Kilumets is a photographic artist who lives and works in London. He graduated the photography and video art programme from the University of Bedfordshire last year, finishing among the best of his class. Despite his young age, he has already had one solo exhibition at the prestigious MK Gallery (Milton Keynes, UK). He is primarily interested in issues related to photographic representation – how photographic images affect the viewer and the nature of the mechanisms by which photography affects people in today’s world. His work “Kolmevärviline nägemismudel” (“Trichromatic Vision Model”, 2014) from the series “Kaardid ja territooriumid” (“Maps and Territories”) serves as a reminder that RGB (red blue green) colour model is the basis of all of the screens that stream information to us today.


Holger Kilumets. Reference Targets. 2014. 61 x 76 cm. C-print. Edition: 7 + 2 AP