Heikki Leis

Heikki Leis is a Tartu-based artist known mainly for his hyperrealist pencil drawings of famous Estonians. He graduated the Tartu Art College as a sculptor in 1991 , and he has been a freelance artist since 2000. Leis’ imaginative set-piece photographs explore the aesthetic codes familiar from lifestyle/fashion/women’s magazines, telling stories that invite viewers to notice everything unusual and unreal in their surroundings. The title of the series “Teenage Exorcist” (2014-2015) says it all – the main character drives out evil spirits, both self-purging and cleansing the environment.


Heikki Leis. Teenager Exorcist 1. 2014. Pigment ink print. 72 x 56 cm. Edition: 5 + 1 AP